HK0 Malpelo and San Andres

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    Manfred Meier

    Hello, Nenad posted following, after the upload for HK0/OZ1AA log it shows the same entity like the previous HK0Malpelo Log, so there muast be two different countries credited for this, 73, Manfred DF6EX

    original Mail


    Thanks for uploading HK0 log. However it revealed the internal glitch in the program.

    Namely, after submitted HK0 (St.Thomas and Prov.) log, it clobbered previously submitted HK0-M entry (Malpelo).

    As per ARRL listing, as well as WWFF listing, HK0 and HK0-M are two references, as well as two DXFF entities.

    ACTION: Please pass this ticket to designers for the program update to reflect two DXFF HK0 entities.

    Nenad VE3EXY …..

    Andrew M0YMA

    Luciano to check and correct.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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