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    I feel that the topic title might be a bit tedious. However, the long wait for a successfully completed diploma is just as tiring and disappointing.
    I have already written a grumbling bear letter here on this forum.
    Well, at least the result was that the German administrator contacted me and told me that the DLFF-180 certificate is no longer being printed, because the person who made it had finished preparing the diploma. But, he’s email. will send the diploma as an attachment, free of charge. And lo and behold, he did. Thanks to him for it.
    But the other clerks are certainly up to their necks in their work, because there has been no response to the request since September. (EAFF, HAFF.)
    Personal email is useless. The answer: be patient. But for how long?And there is no change for the Serbian clerks either.
    Since spring, I have been trying to reach and arrange the certificate issued on the basis of the central diary.
    So, the hunt for FF requires a lot of patience, endurance and sometimes fighting. But, in the case of some countries, obtaining the “killed game” trophy causes even more patience and waiting. Which worsens the accounting of success. VY 73/44 HA8TG

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