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    VE3ZN – Curt

    I originally posted these two inquires under National Programs & Awards which seem like the correct forums but after 3 weeks & 3 days of NO response I am posting them here under WWFF Helpdesk.

    1. SPFF Award
    The National Awards section shows under SPFF an award “Apply for SPFF-H-50” but the award is awarded in increments of 20 and as I have been issues and award SPFF-11104.pdf for working 80 SPFF references!
    Is this an error? if not what is this award the SPFF website is so busy I cannot find any info on this award.

    2. Pending Awards
    I ALREADY received OEFF_Bronze_B-21-035_VE3ZN_Curt_1610 2021.pdf award on 16 Oct 2021 and it still shows as pending….under National Awards!
    How do I get this updated or corrected to say issued.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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