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    Jason W3AAX

    LogSearch was up and down today (500 error), but probably being worked on I am sure…

    I do still see awards thinking that I need to apply for them even though I have them. I have a feeling you are still fixing these things though?

    Summary Statistics for user w3aax
    (using call-sign W3AAX)
    Uniques Worked Activated
    References 8 WWFF-H 21 / 22 Apply for WWFF-A (11)
    DXFF 4 DXFF-H Note: DXFF-H is managed and awarded by YOFF 4 / 5 Apply for DXFF-A (3)
    Continents 3 ACFF-H 1 / 1 ACFF-A

    Thanks, 73 44 W3AAX


    Andrew M0YMA

    You should have DXFF-A-3 and WWFF-A-11 ?


    Jason W3AAX

    Yes, I already have them (one of them twice) and that’s the problem. If I go look at what’s available, it says that they both are still able to be applied for. 73 44 W3AAX


    Jason W3AAX

    I think this has been resolved. Please close this as an issue Andrew. Thanks…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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