New milestone was reached.
In just less of one year we have an other million QSOs in our data base!
01.05.2015 – 03.01.2016
It is time to say again: Thank you ! to all our participants in WWFF activities. Activators, Hunters, National coordinators, also for you who read this info!  Each of you put a small piece in this “building”.
As I saw in bands it is just a life style now for many of us. Watching, prepare for departure to protected areas, hunting for activators, request awards for your results.

It happens every day.

It is my honor to show this “Certificat” for QSO  No.6,000,000 to:
M0PAI/P@GFF-301 with HA8DD  20m/SSB  2016-01-03 10:46 UTC

Work to collect historic logs continues parallel to the “normal operation” where validated logs of current operations are uploaded to the WWFF database by the local coordinators.

If you think a log is still missing or you possess an activity log, please contact your local coordinator (list can be found here).
73 Pit YO3JW