Following lengthy discussions, the following changes have been made to the Logsearch Top Operators Table, for 2016:

Club & Teams

To separately recognise the efforts of Club/Team activity, as well as individual activators, a new section has been added to the Top Operators table.

Note: the club/team operators will also continue to gain credit (and be listed in the individual activator section) if their callsign is specified in the operator field in the logfile.

Activator QSO Quorum

Despite the Rules mandating 44 QSOs before an activation is considered valid for an Activator valid, this has previously not been implemented for the Top Operators table.

This has led to the unfortunate situation that a number of the top activator slots being filled by activators who have failed to meet the quorum.

To address this:

  • the 44 QSO quorum for activators is now enforced for individual activators
  • for club/team stations, the quorum has been increased to 200 QSOs.

Activators will be listed in order of the number of references that quorum has been achieved.