Hi all

The time you read this about all coordinators, logmanagers and award managers should have the priveleges to upload logs and manage awards. For directory updates we still refer to the OLD LogSearch web.

We’re still encountering login problems with many users. If you can’t login please drop a mail to dannyATon4vt.be

Here is a tutorial how to make your correct login and profile (courtesy VK5PAS): http://www.wwffaustralia.com/how-to-register-for-logsearch.html

It is very important to complete your profile with your primary call and eventually secundary callsigns !!

The next priority is activating the AWARD apply buttons again so hunters can apply again for awards. Once that is finalized the TOPLISTS will be migrated.

Thanks for your patience (pity for some who don’t have it) and for all issues drop a mail to dannyATon4vt.be

Keep in mind we are all volunteers and WWFF is a hobby !