Kempenzonen on the Air” is a group of WWFF friends from the Kempen area (Campine) in Flanders Belgium.

26 december 2016 the 1st ONFF KOTA Christmas Activation will be on air.

We will activate on the same day different ONFF references in the Campine area


OT4V/p > ONFF-0440

ON5SWA/p > ONFF-0541

ON3EA/p > ONFF-0103

OR7Z/p > ONFF-0320

ON3EVO/p > ONFF-0396

ON3YB/p > ONFF-0485

ON/PD3JAG/p > ONFF-0448

A special award will be available (via WWFF LogSearch) for those who can work all KOTA ONFF stations on the air on 26 december 2016