A request for assistance!

Over the past year (or so), I’ve completely re-written WWFF Logsearch as a WordPress plugin, to integrate within this main WWFF.CO website. This has mostly been completed… however, the ToDo list (for completion, but especially for new features) remains quite long and I just do not have much spare time…

So I am looking for a suitable competent person (or persons) to help with further Logsearch development – or maybe to take it over completely?!

Skills required are:

  • WordPress development
    • Strong PHP
    • MySQL
    • CSS
    • Javascript
  • Site-security and data-protection are essential to maintain confidence in the program.

Note: this is not something for a “hobby hacker”!

If interested, please post a reply here (if logged in),  contact me via the Contact form, or email me (see QRZ.com).  Please provide details of your skills, and how you can help!


For the avoidance of any doubt, Logsearch has been donated to WWFF by me (Andrew M0YMA), and is available to anyone else (as is, with no warranties or guarantees), under a GPL2 licence.