In my first one and a half week as EU Coordinator, I have seen some confusion about adding new areas to the WWFF programWe can´t run a global Flora Fauna Program without rules. From my point of view, we have a few simple rules in World Wide Flora Fauna. Most of them from the very beginning. See: GLOBAL RULES. In this Article I will try to sort out a few issues and questions.

1.When does an area qualify for a new number ?

Most of the areas qualifying for WWFF can be found at https://www.protectedplanet.net/

Not all areas in Protected Planet can be used, it has to be in one of the following Categories :

  • IUCN (Catagoty Ia to VI)

  • Natura2000

  • Natural World Heritage Sites

  • Biosphere Reserves

  • Ramsar

  • Marine Protected Areas

Each National Program can adopt up to 200 new references per calendar year.

The National Coordinator in each Contry have the mandate to decide which areas.

Activators have to apply proposals for new refs to their National Coordinator.

2.How to submit application for new number ?

The National Coordinator of each Contry can apply a new reference via LogSearch (For the moment it is still the “old” at http://logsearch.wwff.co/index.php). Click at “Manage Directory” and “Add new”

Countries without National Coordinator are controlled by the WWFF Operations Approval Manager DF6EX / Manfred.

The following have to be added :

  • Reference Name

  • Official Website

  • Status – (Just keep it at “Proposed valid for WWFF” if an area are qualify)

  • Continent

  • DXCC

  • IOTA – (Only if all the area is an IOTA)

  • Notes – (Only if something have to be noted)

  • UICN Cat

3.When is the new REF valid for Activation ?

When the application is submit by National Coordinators, a new area have to be approved by the WWFF Reference & Directory Manager I5FLN Luciano.

At https://wwff.co/directory/ it can by checked if a specific area is approved.

Important : If an activation from a new area starts before it is approved by the Reference Manager, it will not be valid for WWFF and can not be uploaded to LogSearch !!!

When an area is approved, there is no expire date. So if an area is unactivated even after 5 years, it is still valid for activation. 

If something is wrong with an area, the WWFF Reference Manager has the opportunity to delete it from the WWFF Directory. It will be marked with “Deleted” in the WWFF Directory.

Vy 73 de OZ7AEI / Jakob  EU Coordinator