On 8 april 2017 we went out for some test witn the HyEndFed antennas.  A test with my mate John, PD0PVR/p, as he wanted to go for his first PAFF activation !

At arround 11:00 utc we met at the Oosterschelde PAFF-0015. And  immediatly starded with some tests. Afterwards we decided to setup  the linked dipola and yes, John started  his first activation !!!  First qso  was arround 12:55 utc on 40m.

John made 95 qso’s  and one P2P with OKFF-0010, all on 40m.

Arround 16:15 utc  we  stopped  the activation and drove back to our home, only 10 min from PAFF-0015.

John was very happy  and he is planning already his  next activation !

John thanks all the stations  that worked him and  he’s hoping to be qrv soon for his second activation.

73’ and 44  Jan PD3JAG  & John PD0PVR.