From OPDX Bulletin 1316 / 29 May 2017

“GREENPARTY 2017 EVENT. The YOFF team of SRR (The Romanian Society of Radio- amateurs) and ARER (The Romanian Association of Environmentalists Radio- amateurs) are inviting all the radio amateurs to join them in the Green- Party 2017 event, between 0600-1759z on June 3rd. The purpose of the event is to stimulate the ham operators to leave the house and get involved in portable/outdoor operation related to nature and ecology and to famil- iarize worldwide radio amateurs with protected natural areas. For more details, see: For a Web page that lists upcoming WWFF stations, see: INFO In Face Book is a question about logs for GreenParty 1.Any program you are using can make export as Cabrillo and ADIF so you make both! 2. The cabrillo log go for GreenParty 3. The ADIF log go to National Coordinator or DF6EX to upload in Logsearch 4. When you have P2P QSO you have 2 references. One is your and second is your partner from other park. After ADIF log is ready, open with text editor and add “SIG_INFO” where it need as: <SIG_INFO:9>XXFF-3795 or <SIG_INFO:8>FFF-0795 where you have P2P QSO XXFF-3795 and FFF-0795 is an example. Save it and sent out.”