The first update for May has just been released, featuring a number of new awards:

  • The migration of the Directory Manager
  • Next step in the GxFF awards (level 22)

Directory Manager

I am pleased to announce that I have completed the porting of Directory Manager to be an integral part of the WWFF Logsearch plugin.

For the majority of users, this is an entirely transparent move – however, it now means that the Directory Master is an integral part of THIS site, rather than being managed through the ‘old’ Logsearch site, and periodically sync-ed… this should mean there are fewer delays ion getting changes made to the ‘live’ Directory, and in particular it means only one code-base to be maintained.

My thanks to Danny ON4VT for helping test this.

With this, the ‘old’ Logsearch will now be decommissioned, once an for all 🙂


The expansion of the North American directory continues apace, with the addition of a further 265 State areas, in IL, IN and WI.


Any problems, or new feature requests, via the Help Desk Forum please.