The first update for November has just been released, featuring:

  • The next steps for a number of awards:

    • P2P (Park-To-Park) (level 644)
    • HBFF-A/H (100 references)
    • LAFF-A/H (10 references)
    • LUFF-A/H (12 references for South American stations, 6 references for DX)
    • Z3FF-A/H (10 references)
  • The support of the new program: CXFF
  • Some minor tweaks and fixes.


I am more than happy to add new awards (both National and Special) but please:

  1. Discuss the qualification with me before hand – what may appear a simple qualification may not be so easy to code!
  2. Give me more than a couple of day’s notice!

Development of Logsearch has to fit around family and work commitments!


Any problems, or new feature requests, via the Help Desk Forum please.