Please be informed that the FF-activity of R25RFF call sign, scheduled for June 23 – July 5 — has nothing to do with RFF by WWFF. The announced “new one” RFF-200 and RFF-211 references are not valid for WWFF and RFF by WWFF, and references RFF-099 and RFF-067, even though they correspond to WWFF Directory, highly likely will not be credited for WWFF also.

The above-mentioned activity of R25RFF is held in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Russian Robinson Club (RRC), who was the initiator of the Flora and Fauna movement in amateur radio, but abandoned their award program, at least about 5 years ago. QSO with R25RFF are valid only for anniversary RRC awards. For more information, contact the RRC directly.

The activity of RZ9SFF in the same period from the RFF-446 reference is announced under the WFF (not WWFF) program, therefore, highly likely it will not be credited for WWFF as well.

73! RN3ANT, national RFF coordinator.