Hello, just for everybody to remind on this post which was already sent long time ago. I get more and more corrections of logs which are very time-consuming. Also everybody should learn in his ham-exam that a log is a document. So please take care.

If you check your log before you sent it, it costs you 5 minutes time.

If I have to change it later in the database with around 14 mio entries it costs me much more time.

73, Manfred DF6EX WWFF-log-manager
<here the post again>

Can I remind all Activators and National Coordinators to please CHECK YOUR LOGS before uploading them to Logsearch.

I fully accept that mistakes will be made with transcribing or entering individual QSOs, and corrections can be made.  However, there is no excuse for any of the following:

  • Station Callsign
  • Operator Callsign
  • Activation Date
  • Activation Reference

These simply need the Activator to do a sanity-check before submitting to the National Coordinator, and for the NC to do a very quick check before uploading.