Good news for all WWFF hunters!

A joint Kazakh-Kyrgyz ham radio DX expedition will take place on June 24, 2021 to activate the national parks of Kyrgyzstan EXFF-0002 and EXFF-0004 under the program of World Wide Flora and Fauna and Green Kyrgyzstan
Expedition dates: June 24 – July 2 2021.

Reference zone EXFF:

  1. EXFF-0002 State natural reserve “Issyk-Kul” QTH locator: MN82
  2. EXFF-0004 State natural reserve “Karatal-Zhapyryk” QTH locator: MN71GO

Expedition members: UN6GAO Sergey, EX8AY Evgeny (John), UN5GAO Alena, Igor Sapozhnikov – photojournalist.
Bands: 40-20-15-10 m.
Mode: SSB, CW.
Call sign – EX44WFF

Radio and PA: Kenwood TS-2000 + ACOM 1010 + TS-570S + AL-811.
Ant: Inverted-V 40-10 m.


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