On saturday the 12th. of march the OZFF Group would like to invite all WWFF Hunters to participate in the OZFF Spring Hunt 2022.

The event will start at local sunrise 05:38 utc and finish at sunset  17:11 utc.

Stations that work 5 or more ozff areas during the event can appply for an award, see www.ozff.dk after the event has finished.

Activators can activate more than one OZFF area through out the day. An activator list can be found at : http://ozff.oz7aei.dk/2022/01/16/ozff-spring-hunt-2022-activatorlist/

At this time 14-15 OZFF areas are planned but i am sure more areas will be activated. The list will be updated before the event.

Hope to see You all in the logs 

Vy 73 de OZ7AEI / Jakob