Hi friends, the beautiful days are here , the France Flora Fauna team offers you a challenge over the 5 weekends of July.

We call on interested activators to contact us.

The goal is to activate a maximum of mobile or even resident references over the 5 weekends of July. (several references per weekend are allowed)

You can participate in one or more weekends depending on your availability.

Activators must send their weekend log before the following Wednesday,   upon receipt of your logs our friend Micke F4HZR will establish a provisional hunter and activator ranking which will be posted on our site.

This challenge starts every weekend in July on Saturday 5am ( utc ) until Sunday 6pm ( utc ) 

Dates: 01/07 to 02/07 first weekend

08/07 to 09/07 second weekend

15/07 to 16/07 third weekend

22/07 to 23/07 fourth weekend

29/07 to 30/07 last weekend

The rewards will be distributed at the end of the challenge by Fabien F4HRR (the Rare and Wanted Man) .

Two diplomas will be created for this event:

An activator and a hunter,

Each activator will have a diploma to thank him for having participated.

And the first 15 hunters will also have a diploma for the best hunter.

Hoping that this event pleases you and attracts people 73/44 of the whole team.

Little thought to our friend Paul F2YT