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Manfred Meier

in the first step try to get out the required infos my own, such a correction costs me around an hour (thank you), it would be very much appreciated if the log-upload quality could be improved as I spend meanwhile more time for such corrections than I need for the whole month for uploads.

Following logs from SA5YLR
#00096045 SMFF-0070
#00096049 SMFF-0076
#00096050 SMFF-0077
#00096051 SMFF-0078
I don’t have the log number from the following logs loaded the last days.
SA5YLR@SMFF-0057_20200721 95935
SA5YLR@SMFF-0064_20200306 95936
SA5YLR@SMFF-0065_20200115 95937
SA5YLR@SMFF-0066_20200618 95938
SA5YLR@SMFF-0067_20200716 95939
SA5YLR@SMFF-0077_20200131 96050
SA5YLR@SMFF-0078_20200102 96051

SA5YLR@SMFF-0078_20200531 apparently this was also included in 96051
SA5YLR@SMFF-0079_20200519 88005
SA5YLR@SMFF-0264_20200613 88005

Additionally the log 88005 contains activities from 74 different SMFFs ??? with more than 1300 qSOs, are they all wrong?
How we should get those things in a correct way?

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