Reply To: WWFF logs and LOTW ???


Thank you very much Abdrew for the exhaustive reply!
I’m now sure that the adif Logs that I modify to suit for autoupload to WWFF are OK; som OM Activator did not want to complete the Info on my Request, they used a nice italian Logger, a good one, but that puts “Operator” instead of “Station_Callsign”.
They used a clubcall and were 4 ops, so I asked him to give me their Data in Log, and the OldMan refused to give other data and also to give sig and sig_info, and further went hangry too, on my regard … Then another OM told me abt LoTW and these two fields, and also that in other countries the NC were not like me thus all these data I requested were really not necessaries and unfair.
… If they simply used FLE …
Many thanks for the Infos, Andrew, very kind from you.
73 44, Augusto

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