Reply To: Delete log

Manfred Meier

Hello, this shitwork is done.

1. First remark from my side, it is not up to the national-coordinator, he cannot detect such an error, as he was not part of the operation.

2. I strongly suggest to think about a solution. I will do such nightmare corrections not too long anymore. It is every month wasting of endless hours.

My personal proposal would be to integrate a rule, that if a log contains for example more than 5 wront log entries it should be disqualified.

The operators always hurry from one activity to the other and never have the time to fill our a log correctly. However everybody should have learned during licence examination that a log is a document.

If you try to work Bouvet and you are not correct in the log, then you can wait for another 20 years for next operation.

This should become also practice here.

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