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There are a lot of changes to do on HBFF National award on WWFF pages!
I wrongly wrothe them to Andrew, I repeat all of them here following.

1) HBFF Icon has changed: the Icon Owner does not allow me to use it anymore. How may I send you the new Icon? And what dimension and format do you prefer? Thanks.

2) More, the links under that image / Logo have changed: here follow them:
– HBFF Switzerland & Liechtenstein: change link pse!
new link
– Coordinator: as is, OK
– Awards: HB9CBR ; new link:
– Logmanager : as is, OK

The OM that managed the Awards editing them with the data from GCR message and signed them as Award Manager is not anymore with us; the job of issuing the Awards from GCR request messages is now care of Bruno HB9CBR, a vy valid HBFF and SOTA activator, that accepted to help me on this.

I forward you an email message with the new Logo Image and above details: I please you if possible to do the changes in a Hurry to avoid disagreable and odd troubles and problems, thanks!
So we may go forward with the awards, as the old email address is not valid anymore and this could cause loss of requests.

Thank you Luk to help me in this difficult sorrowful situation!
73 44,

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