Reply To: P2P Not confirming

Andrew M0YMA

A P2P will confirm if the QSO is +/- 5 minutes…

There is a problem where the two times are either side of midnight UTC… as the date then doesn’t match. I’ll try and fix that…

Adrian: the file you sent me had 148 entries with a claimed P2P, of which 12 were not confirmed. A quick scan shows garbage-in/garbage-out to be the cause.

Logsearch makes an educated guess if one log specifies HH::MM:SS and the other 00:HH:MM (or even 00:00:00) but logs with 00:00:HH take a bit of guessing… as an observation EVERY ONE of your logs has incorrect time information.

But of course, this is still MY FAULT that your P2Ps are not confirming?!

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