Reply To: K0ATZ NPOTA RV05 KFF-4009


Thank you for taking time to look at this Andrew,

As I understand the situation NPOTA RV05 was assigned as KFF-4009 only recently. K0ATZ sent me the above NPOTA log files for RV05 when he noticed that it had been assigned a KFF number (May 22) but when I tried to upload them the system informed me that logs with those names had already been uploaded.

The thinking was that perhaps these got uploaded earlier with a batch of NPOTA logs and assigned to another reference for whatever reason. K0ATZ has related that he believes he has way too many QSOs listed at KFF-3674 and of course none at KFF-4009.

Either someone coincidentally uploaded two unrelated logs with the same file names or there are some Qs somewhere on the wrong reference. I do not have the access level to figure out which is the case, I can only report. ๐Ÿ™‚



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