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Hi, Brian. Thanks for your suggestion. The Webmaster position is currently vacant in the Committee.

This is a very recent change. I know that all Committee members have access to the “forums” area here on the Website and are able to address concerns, questions, comments and suggestions as is appropriate. I also know, as I told you when you posted the same suggestion on the KFF Facebook page, several Committee members recently were involved in a discussion about suggestions and improvements to the Website which took place on the WWFF Facebook page. I had directed you to that link and suggested that you place this same suggestion there as well for consideration by the greatest number of Committee members. I am sure that yours is among many of the suggested improvements that will be considered by the Committee to be included on the Website after the next Webmaster is selected.

Thank you for your continued support of the initiative. Happy holidays.

Very 73/44 de Jeff – KB3ZUK

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