Reply To: Top Operators table


HI , GN , and HNY 2018 to All .
I was looking for some explication for club callsigns, as we still do not see any HB9WFF there .
It is our Team callsign and we have used it extensively, and also got many Awards with this Callsign.
There is something I cannot see into the HB9WFF Profile: is that call effectively valid as ” Registered” or not? If not, this could explain why this Call does not appear looking for HBFF Top Operators. Anyway I guess the problem is not here, as looking for All Programs, and not only HBFF, still there are no callsigns in the “Top Club/Team Classification” column.
Anyway, other Team Members are asking about this, periodically.
I will tell them that you are looking at this issue, Andrew, and that they should be patient, hi; tehre are a lot of things to be done.
Thanks for your nice job, Andrew, and Happy 2018 to you and your Family!
73 es 44 de Augusto HB9TZA / I2JJR

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