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    – please transfer SP9YFF to “Top Club/Team Classification”
    – I am asking for information with reference numbers that are not correctly counted in the table, we want to send the logs again so that it will be presented on table correctly. We currently have 812 activated SPFF on WWFF database.

    Peter SO9DXX

    Andrew M0YMA

    I promise I will try (this year ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and resolve the ongoing issues with Club stations…

    Unfortunately, with WordPress I can’t do what I did before… and I’ve just not had the time to resolve ๐Ÿ™


    thank you very much for all Andrew’s answers, the probably problem with logs is in old logs, where sp9yff is not entered in the field operator


    GL on 2018 for All ๐Ÿ™‚


    HI , GN , and HNY 2018 to All .
    I was looking for some explication for club callsigns, as we still do not see any HB9WFF there .
    It is our Team callsign and we have used it extensively, and also got many Awards with this Callsign.
    There is something I cannot see into the HB9WFF Profile: is that call effectively valid as ” Registered” or not? If not, this could explain why this Call does not appear looking for HBFF Top Operators. Anyway I guess the problem is not here, as looking for All Programs, and not only HBFF, still there are no callsigns in the “Top Club/Team Classification” column.
    Anyway, other Team Members are asking about this, periodically.
    I will tell them that you are looking at this issue, Andrew, and that they should be patient, hi; tehre are a lot of things to be done.
    Thanks for your nice job, Andrew, and Happy 2018 to you and your Family!
    73 es 44 de Augusto HB9TZA / I2JJR

    Andrew M0YMA

    Currently, there is no method for detecting club callsigns in Top Operators – but for backwards (and future) compatibility I do not want to remove the columns.

    My #1 big change for this year (working around all the little changes) is to try and find a way of sorting clubs.


    Thank you Andrew!
    We wish you all the best for you and LogSearch in 2018.
    73 es 44 de Augusto HB9TZA
    for the HBFF Team Members


    Hi GE
    the solution is easy,
    the list of call club/special should provide national coordinators who know their activators
    73/44 gl


    HI, Kris, SP9YFF ,
    I do not understand what / how you mean.
    Of course I know ALL operators of our Team Callsign, but I do not see how it may help in detecting club callsign ( that are already registered as such ) or put them in the correct Top Club/Team Classification column .
    The problem should be very different, as these calls are already marked (registered) as ClubCall , but nonetheless Andrew cannot point them as such . I guess it could be a WordPress problem, but I feel sure that Andrew will solve this neatly , if only he will have time enough.
    We may do nothing else than wait for this, and wish him to be quiet and happy … hi hi !!!
    Anyway, may you explain me further yoiur idea? Thanks!
    Augusto HB9TZA , mmeber of HB9WFF / HBFF, & SSFG-GSRC Team


    Hello! I have a question about 2018 vs 2017 on the Top Operators table. I’m in a 2018 competition with some friends, and I see that only 1 of the 4 parks in which I achieved 44 QSOs in 2018 appears. I was wondering if the 2018 table updates later than the All-Time, or if one must achieve all 44 QSOs in the same calendar year for it to appear in that year.


    Charlie, KD4CB

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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