Reply To: THE COMMITTEE and problems


Pleased no Andrew I am simply appalled at the attitude of people like you who seriously need a hand to keep up with a program that grew so fast that none of the committee were in a position to administer it. I am appalled that Pit and others continually keep everyone who has offered help at arms length. You have stated in the past you have donated the software to wwff yet no one else can use it.. so am I pleased ……….. not even remotely close I am disgusted that EU wh seem hell bent on blaming English language for the problems of understanding simply want to control the whole thing and the rest of us can go jump. Yes I have sent in my nominations for what ever position I get so be it and if that is none then I am just as happy cause at the very least I have done what I can to HELP fix the absolute diatribe that this program currently has…….. FFS the constitution that was written is now no longer even available because it shows how much the current committee are doing without any substance of what was approved to be in the constitution. So Andrew guess what I am not happy that you will not be there I am disgusted that you who should understand English have chosen to bury your head in the sand and not accept proper help that was offered, help that I believe could have lead to this program being the best ever cause the software you donated is good to say the least. Be happy for your own world and your own decision but do not expect others to be happy.

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