Reply To: Top Operators table


HI, Kris, SP9YFF ,
I do not understand what / how you mean.
Of course I know ALL operators of our Team Callsign, but I do not see how it may help in detecting club callsign ( that are already registered as such ) or put them in the correct Top Club/Team Classification column .
The problem should be very different, as these calls are already marked (registered) as ClubCall , but nonetheless Andrew cannot point them as such . I guess it could be a WordPress problem, but I feel sure that Andrew will solve this neatly , if only he will have time enough.
We may do nothing else than wait for this, and wish him to be quiet and happy … hi hi !!!
Anyway, may you explain me further yoiur idea? Thanks!
Augusto HB9TZA , mmeber of HB9WFF / HBFF, & SSFG-GSRC Team

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