Reply To: 5 activatios are double qso's

Manfred Meier

Hi, the reason is that two different uploaders loaded the same contacts.

So there were following logs uploaded
#53220 by N1TYH for KFF-3180 with 19 contacts
#53216 by N1TYH for KFF-3190 with 16 contacts
#53218 by N1TYH for KFF-3208 with 2 contacts
#53216 by N1TYH for KFF-3188 with 30 contacts
#53219 by N1TYH for KFF-3270 with 12 contacts

however just before those uploads a log called N7AME@KFF-Various (#53212) was uploaded by NU0C with 79 contacts

The 79 contacts of log 53212 were now set to deleted so statistics should be updated over night.
Uploaders should clearly specify what area the are uploading, cause the dupe-check is only working for the file-name, if the log has a total different name (like here KFF-various) it allows the dupe-upload.
73, Manfred DF6EX

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