Reply To: HBFF Logs: Errors to fix


Hello Andrew!
Thanks to tyhis, I have fouynd a bad mismatch in the log uploaded for HBFF-0107 these times … There has been a big mess: in fact, there were two stations there, and I suppose I have uploaded only the log of one station: both were into the HBFF-0107, but near two different lakes.: they were activating also the Swiss Lakes Referencres, one on TI020 and one on TI019. I was not there.
Now I need to control the WWFF log, but sorrily, I cannot find a way to download the one by WWFF … is this possible?
Or may you handle me a copy of it somehow?
Otherwise, we could erase the one then upload a new one ex-novo …but I would prefer to control the actual uploaded one with the others, then add the missing QSO by a not-in-log procedure.
What do you mean about this? Sorry for the problems and the time needed!
Hope you or Manfred may help me to fix this.
Augusto HB9TZA

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