HBFF Logs: Errors to fix

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    Hallo Manfred,
    Hier noch einige fehlerhafte Ruefzeichen zu korrigieren.
    Wir danken sehr dafuer!
    73 44 Augusto HB9TZA & HBFF Team

    Reference Date Time Band Mode Wrong Right Call
    HBFF-0073 02082017 09:17 30m CW IK2SPE IK2SAE
    HBFF-0083 23022017 10:40 40m SSB IZ0VYW IZ0FYW
    HBFF-0107 09082012 08:59 40m SSB IZ1QYW IZ1QXV
    HBFF-0182 12112017 10:52 40m SSB DG6KEV DG6KBV
    HBFF-0187 19112017 10:12 40m SSB HB9FGB HB9FBG

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    Andrew M0YMA

    Four fixed… one cannot be found


    Hello Andrew!
    Thanks to tyhis, I have fouynd a bad mismatch in the log uploaded for HBFF-0107 these times … There has been a big mess: in fact, there were two stations there, and I suppose I have uploaded only the log of one station: both were into the HBFF-0107, but near two different lakes.: they were activating also the Swiss Lakes Referencres, one on TI020 and one on TI019. I was not there.
    Now I need to control the WWFF log, but sorrily, I cannot find a way to download the one by WWFF … is this possible?
    Or may you handle me a copy of it somehow?
    Otherwise, we could erase the one then upload a new one ex-novo …but I would prefer to control the actual uploaded one with the others, then add the missing QSO by a not-in-log procedure.
    What do you mean about this? Sorry for the problems and the time needed!
    Hope you or Manfred may help me to fix this.
    Augusto HB9TZA

    Andrew M0YMA

    Message sent…


    Not yet received, nor in SPAM … sometimes it may delay.
    I wait for that message suppose sent to hb9tza(AT)gmail.com will confirm later.
    Thanks Andrew


    Please Andrew, send it oncemore to hb9tzaATgmailDOTcom with a copy to i2jjrAThotmailDOTcom . Many many thanks!

    Manfred Meier

    Hi Andrew and Augusto, to keep it short, there is apparently a part of the log totally not uploaded. Thats the reason why we cannot detect the error-callsign.

    So there were 266 contacts in the log from HB9WFF from 2012-08-09 which are marked as deleted now.

    Augusto, please do the upload for the complete log again.


    Thank you Manfred!
    I will now upload the correct HBFF-0107 log, complete.
    Many thanks to you both, Andrew and Manfred!
    73 44 Augusto

    Manfred Meier

    ok, then I will close this task, 73, Manfred

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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