Reply To: Statistic problem

Manfred Meier

Hi, I already answered this in the mail you´ve sent me, sent you also a listing with all listed contacts:

Hello Victor,
attached you find a listing which logs from UNFF are in the database.
As you see, your UP44WFF-logs should be there.

As Andrew already explained you some days ago there is still a problem with the clubstation-statistic.
The Top-Operator-Statistic is coming from the operator-call in your log.

If you look and try to find for example DA0CW/p then you find also nothing, as DA0CW/p is our club-station and currently doesn´t appear in the club-overview,
(but still made around 25000 QSO)

If your logs would contain the operator-callsign, then it would appear in the top-operator-statistic, but they didn´t contain this field.
So anyhow you have to wait until Andrew fixes the issue with the clubcallsign, so don´t worry the contacts are there and credited to the stations you worked.

If the list of logs are not complete then please contact UN7GIT, as you see I did the uploads before UN6QC started and turned later to UN7GIT.
If there is something missing, then he needs to load it up.

73, Manfred DF6EX

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