Reply To: Wrong Log Uploaded !!!


About the above note, re. HB9/YU1CA, it’s all OK as one can see it not as HB9/YU1CA, but as YU1CA … sorry that was my fault.

Regarding YU1CA, he has activated the 10th HBFF Ref that is HBFF-0040; but due to my Log Upload error, he has not right to the HBFF-A-10 award …

Still I cannot upload HBFF-0040 as it result already uploaded, nor correct the uploaded logs, HBFF-0059 and HBFF-0040 both by HB9/YU1CA/P .
I suppose these two logs should be erased both as logs and more important in the upload log file -if any- otherwise I cannot upload the right ones.

Let me know please when I shall upload them again.
Thanks for all, dear Friends! Augusto

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