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    Hello Andrew, and others;
    There is something now to change in our HBFF Awards line.
    1) The Honour Roll will not be issued anymore, it is suspendend; we will reconsider it again later.
    2) the HBFF-H-*** and HBFF-A-*** are not made for every 25 References after the first 100: we have changed the rules: the released Awards will be for 25-50-75-100-150-200 Refs, no more.
    I please if it is possible to change it, because a very active ham may arrive soon at these 125 Refs that will not be issued anymore.
    We thank you all.
    73 44, Augusto HB9TZA
    for the HBFF Committee


    I would add the HBFF-A-250 and HBFF-H-250 to the list of the above Awards; many thanks! 73 44 Augusto


    Hello, dear Friends,
    I have a HBFF problem to solve:

    – as I wrote, we now release Awards, both H and A, for 25-50-75-100-150-200-250-300 Refs
    – Actually the Top Activator HB9BIN Juerg has activated 152 Refs, but he wrote me he cannot get the HBFF-A-150 on the LogSearch.

    I supopose that the list of the obtainable HBFF Awards is not updated over the old 100 Refs max count; or there is also something else not working properly.

    May I please you to fix this issue? I could anyway release the Awards by myself, but after that there could be a problem of Sync with the LogSearch, so I prefer not to, and let the Awards be requested via WWFF, rather than by direct email anymore.

    Many thanks,
    73 44, Augusto HB9TZA

    Luk ON4BB

    Augusto, this has to be adapted into logsearch .
    Now the awards are limited to 100. next levels 150,200,250 and 300 refs should be added. We have a video conference planned with Andrew in the next week(s).
    Manfred, is taking care of this.Please be paticient.
    Luk ON4BB


    Thank you Luk! We have some impatient Hunters and Activators, HI, that keep on writing me.
    73 es 44, Augusto


    Dear friends
    you still can’t apply for the HBFF-H Awards. It was not possible to apply for HBFF-H-150 and today I have CFM 202 HBFF and it is also not possible to request a new step.
    73+44! Pavel OK1VEI


    HI Pavel,
    Luciano HB9FBI, the Award release man, wrote directly to you this email:
    Dear Pavel for your information: HBFFA-125 and HBFFA-175 do not exist, after 100 there are only each 50 references if you need the 150 Award send me a list of your qsos.
    73 + 44 Luciano HBFF awards issuing Manager


    Dear Manfred and Luk,
    In the meanwhile I have released the last new Refs for HBFF, now there are 400 References , 399 active.
    As Pavel OK1VEI pointed out, the upgrade to 250 and 300 Refs is not active. Me too cannot obtain my HBFF-H-150 and 200 awards.
    Please, in front of the major activity we have now, thanks yo the HB SOTA Group and the many articles on the swiss ham magazines and fora, consider to add not only the last said 250 and 300, but also the 350 and 400 Refs award.
    In such a way, we will avoid to ask you to change the rules in the future; I plan to add other 50 by 2022 summer and get to 500 Refs by dec 2022 / Jan 2023.
    So please let me know when you may be able to change the actual rules, or if these have changed but do not work by logsearch.
    Many thanks, 73 44,
    Augusto HB9TZA, WWFF, HBFF-NC

    Andrew M0YMA

    Mea culpa…

    I’d noted the previous instruction

    we have changed the rules: the released Awards will be for 25-50-75-100-150-200 Refs, no more.

    I’d not noted the extra steps.

    Will add the next step, when I can…

    Andrew M0YMA

    OK… 150 is now active…


    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks a lot; but helas something strange is happening now, we receivced some strange Award request for HBFF-H-5 Awards!
    HBFF does not have such ones.

    I recommend you to get next step until the HBFF-0400, as I wrote above, as the activity has grown considerably due to the SOTA Fans that work HBFF+SOTA quasi dayly … in spite of snow and weather, they are right HBFF Goats, HI.
    Many thanks for your FB job, Andrew, 73 44 and stay healthy
    Augusto HB8TZA / I2JJR


    More about it: it seems to me that the hbff-5- is triggered by the hbff-150 award … it is to be checked however … 73 44



    Da : acote@bankercote.com
    Data : 12/02/2022 – 14:27 (OE)
    A : luciano.lucini@bluewin.ch
    Oggetto : Re: WWFF Logsearch – GCR for Award HBFF-H-5 (Mixed/Mixed) for Art


    Sadly, WWFF Logsearch does not let me apply for H-10. Please have site repaired!

    73/44 Art WK2S
    On 2022-02-12 08:33, luciano.lucini@bluewin.ch wrote:
    > Sorry H-5 does not exist longer minum is 10 references 73 + 44 Luciano HB9FBI
    > —- Messaggio originale —-
    > Da : logsearch_admin@wwff.co
    > Data : 12/02/2022 – 00:40 (OE)
    > A : awards@hbff.ssfg-gsrc.ch, hb9tza@gmail.com, logsearch_admin@wwff.co, wk2s@bankercote.com
    > Oggetto : WWFF Logsearch – GCR for Award HBFF-H-5 (Mixed/Mixed) for Art
    > Link to LogSearch website
    > GCR for HBFF-H-5 (Mixed/Mixed) Award

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