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    I need to add a note when loading new HBFF Referencies on WWFF Directory, to write the Proposer callsign.
    This is related to HBFF Rules art. 3 (Reservation of the 1st Activation to the Proposer of the new Reference; not mandatory) Doing so every person looking for a HBFF Reference to activate do read if that ref is reserved. The note would of course be erased by me when uploading the 1st activation log on WWFF.
    WWFF: what do you mean? It is possible to do this in the Field “Notes” of course, but is it permitted me to write such addenda in the WWFF Directory? Thanks. This is quite Urgent, having just released a batch of References and Activators are in a Hurry for this!
    Thanks, 73 44
    Augusto HB9TZA , HBFF NC

    Luk ON4BB

    The note field is designated to allow additional information related to the WWFF area.
    First activation policy is set-up and manage by the National program.

    Andrew M0YMA

    As an activator, I’d be less than impressed if a proposed activation was disallowed because someone else had claimed the rights to “first activation”

    Once an entry is in the database, it should be first-come/first-served without reservation.


    HI Andrew,
    as I pointed out, this is not a Rule, it was mandatory only with the old Committee. Now it is just a tradition that we suggest to honorate, it is a question of fair operating among friends, like all OMs should be.
    Then, if one will care for this or not, it is only his affair, he’s free to adhere or not to our Traditional Values.

    Personally, I would prefer not to have to do with OMs that do not care for rules, do not care for nothing, they come activate and finish, they even do not send logs, or send them elsewhere. Sorrily, exists also that kind of Activator!
    I prefer these Ops that BEFORE to come and activate, look for Award Informations, search and read the Rules, look for the maps and Ref Infos, and so on.

    Thanks for All, Andrew; 73 44 !


    Anyway Andrew, tradition or not, I see that some few operators care for it; I guess in the next edition of the HBFF Rules I will erase that tradition, ans let it be as it comes.

    Personally I let free all the References I propose and find; to be the first or the last for me it is exactly the same thing.

    73 44 Andrew, Tnx for the suggestion

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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