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    I’m looking for guidelines for activating a National Wild and Scenic River. Rivers are long, and the entire length of a river may not be designated as parkland outside of the waterline, so I’m trying to determine where I might be able to set up but still be within the bounds for activation.

    Does one need to be in the water (perhaps in a boat) for this type of activation? Can it be done from the shore? If it can be done from the shore, if a local public park borders the River can one activate from within the bounds of the local public park, so long as they are within a certain distance of the water? If you’d like specifics, I’m considering trying to activate KFF-0898 from Brookhaven Sheffield Manor Park, Newark, Deleware, USA. Brookhaven Sheffield Manor Park shares a border with White Clay Creek (KFF-0898).




    3.7 Marine Parks.
    When activating Marine Parks and areas where the activation zone is
    only a natural water area, all equipment must be kept on board the ship
    or vessel, or on a coastal area located within 100 metres (300 feet) of
    the protected High Water tidal mark.



    Okay, thanks! Looks like an adjacent park will work, so long as all my gear is within 100M of the water. I had read that rule as pertaining to marine (salt/tidal) water (e.g. a beach activation), not so much inland rivers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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