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    Nobi JA1JCF


    I have been unable to upload the log sent from JR0UIU, receiving the message as follows:

    [ERROR] Cannot check for duplicate logs

    Please advise me where to check in the log.



    Andrew M0YMA

    This error means that you have already uploaded that log, or a log with the same name

    Please be reminded of the (recommended) naming convention for logs:



    M0MYMA-P @ GFF-0123 2018-12-11.adi

    Nobi JA1JCF

    Thank you for your reply.
    I have never succeeded to upload that log for JAFF-0064, and the contacts in the log are not in the database.
    The name of the file for my first try was as follows for my filing convenience:

    JR0UIU-3@JAFF-0064 20181121(2)

    I suspect that “(2)” might have been the cause.
    My attempt today by renaming the file to “JR0UIU-3 @ JAFF-0064 2018-11-21” did not work and got the same error message.

    May I send you the file to you again by e-mail for your further checking?

    Nobi JA1JCF

    Thanks to Andrew, M0YMA. The log above was uploaded by Andrew a few days ago.
    Please close this thread and the one with the same title below. I clicked “submit” button twice by mistake, and could not delete one.

    Nobi, JA1JCF


    Hello Andrew and Nobi,
    The same kind of error happened to me in a certain way: I reconstructed it so:
    – Because of a local mess it happened to me to save an adif log named XXnXX@HBFF-0040_yyyymmdd but whose content was the log XXnXX@HBFF-0059_yyyymmdd , log that was already uploaded with its right name.
    Result of my faulty upload: the rigt HBFF-0040 log cannot be uploaded anymore, as its name containing the Ref HBFF-0040 is already registered; and the original HBFF-0059 has been uploaded twice, so having double idenmtical QSOs .

    Andrew, maybe this could suggest you some error filter more, if needed:
    1) Check the title Reference with the log Reference content
    2) auto-erase or not-allow-upload of dupe QSO
    Maybve this is already present in some other equation?

    Now, I hope you may solve the problem of dupes for HBFF-0059 ( two activations) and of the last upload of HBFF-0040 one (many activations!).
    Hope to have been of some help, 73 es 44 to you both Andrew and Nobi, and to Manfred; thank you for your help and all!


    Post Scripta: I have sent a message at the “log error corrections” issue fo the Forum about these two wrong logs of HBFF-0059 and HBFF-0040. 73 es 44 to you all and mny Tnxs!
    Augusto I2JJR / HB9TZA

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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