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    Hello ,
    I see what may be an unclear area in the rules, or a faulty behaviour of LogSearch .
    Per WWFF General Rules, v5.3 , at 4.6 forty four QSO Required, I read that (4.6.1) a minimum of 44 QSO are required for all WWFF Activation (thus as total for station_callsign, indipendently from operators) .
    Thet at 4.9.1 a minimum of 200 QSO for a Club, and on 4.9.2 … the operator using that call will also get credit …
    It is not explained there (4.6.1) … for all WWFF activations a minimum of 44 qsos FOR EVERY OPERATOR are required … nor (4.9.1) a minimum of 200 QSOs ( 44 FOR EACH OPERATOR ) is required … nor even at (4.9.2) .


    I would like to know if the 44 qsos “for every operator” is a valid criteria or not, as it seems to me that the WWFF LogSearch behaves so in giving credits.
    Maybe I am wrong, in that case, please excuse me, but when somebody asks me abt these rules, I prefer to be sure I will give the right information.
    Many thanks! 73 44 es keep the good job !
    Augusto HB9TZA / I2JJR

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    The lack of promotion of activation of a larger number of Qso-s results in poor quality and loss of ambition of the programm.
    Prizes should not be given for activating next references, but for quality !! = the number of qsos on activation.
    In the current conditions, 100 qso is performed in approx. 30 min. of an average equipped activator station /100w,dipole,cw/ssb/

    Andrew M0YMA

    Being in mind that Club Calls are not supported at the moment, the expectation is that:

    STATION_CALL = The Club Call
    OPERATOR = The Operator’s Home Call

    If specified like this, the OPERATOR will get credit


    Thanks Andrew,
    but the question is:
    – will the Operator get credit ONLY if he has reached a minimum of 44 QSOs?
    – or even if he has LESS than 44 QSOs?

    In our HBFF is specified that every op get credit, (both Hunter and Activators, you know why…) no min QSO number required.
    How is it in WWFF ?
    It seems to me that, by looking in LogSearch, it only gives credit for more than 43 QSOs .

    Thank you, 73 44.
    HB9TZA / I2JJR

    Andrew M0YMA

    Yes, of course – an activator requires 44 QSOs for full credit, whether using their own call, or someone else’s

    Logsearch identifies two measures for activators, which are shown as: a / b

    a: References achieving quorum (QSOs >= 44)
    b: Total references activated (QSOs >= 1)

    Only (a) count for Awards


    Thanks Andrew!
    73 44 Augusto

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