P2P QSOs shown as unconfirmed

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    Ivan LZ2HT

    Hi Andrew,
    On 8th September I had 2 QSO with LZ1QZ/P – @LZFF-0121(QSO# 13200787) and @LZFF-0180(QSO# 13200852). I uploaded my log too (LZ2HT/1 @LZFF-0584), but these 2 QSO are still shown as unconfirmed. There are more unconfirmed QSO, but I believe that they are still not uploaded.
    Can you check, please, what is wrong?
    Log files list:
    LZ1QZ_P @LZFF-0121 20190908.adi (#77126)
    LZ1QZ_P @LZFF-0180 20190908.adi (#77127)
    LZ2HT_1 @LZFF-0584 20190906.adi (#77083)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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