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    I wonder how i can count my result in Top Operators list for both my used callsigns SM5CBN and SE5B/p and also for SE5B. SE5B is used when I operate from my summer cottage in SMFF-0080 and SE5B/P when I am working portable from different SMFF areas. SM5CBN is my call when I’m at home.

    Andrew M0YMA

    Hi Lennart

    It’s quite easy…

    All you have to do is include <OPERATOR:6>SM5CBN in your ADIF for each SE5B contact… most loggers support both the STATION_CALLSIGN and OPERATOR fields so can auto-generate this.

    Alternatively, for your SE5B activities, request the Log Manager specifies the Operator during upload.

    This guidance applies to anyone operating Club, Vanity or Special Event callsigns

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    Andrew M0YMA

    PS: I’ve mapped your existing QSOs so tonight’s run should show you a consolidated status

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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