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    Nobi JA1JCF


    Nag, JA7GAX, operated as JA7GAX/7 in JAFF-0161, and worked 2 stations in JAFF references as follows:

    2018-10-04 0203UTC JA1JCF/P in JAFF-0199
    0214UTC JM6CIP/6 in JAFF-0409

    Those QSOs are in the uploaded log file, “ja7gax-7 @ jaff 0161 20181004.adi”, and match with the uploaded logs of the related stations, but they are unconfirmed in Nag’s P2P list generated by the WWFF Logsearch.
    It may have something to do with the fact that the station-callsign in the log was incorrect when it was uploaded. The error was corrected by Manfred later by my request, as far as my memory serves me correct.

    73/44, Nobi, JA1JCF

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