Wrong VKFF entry for multiple contacts

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    In VK2MG@VKFF-0522_20181124.adi, there are four contacts listed as being with VKFF-1338 that should have been listed as VKFF-0255.

    The calls were

    235054 VK2XSE/P 40m
    235153 VK2KNV/P 40m
    235232 VI2WG50 40m
    010326 VK2XSE/P 30m

    Manfred Meier

    Hello, I am quite worried,
    the log from 2018-11-24 doesn´t contain these times at all,
    it begins at 00:04:28 and ends at 08:21:39 (log id = 65288)

    additionally you write that something needs to be changed into VKFF-0255, however your log is for VKFF-0522 ????

    So log-entries for VK2MG associated with VKFF-1338 doesn´t exist at all


    It was unfortunate that I was in a park that is an anagram.

    The issue is not the park that I was in. It is the remote park. SIG_INFO should be VKFF-0255 instead of VKFF-1338 for the entries that I listed.

    The remote statins were spotted incorrectly and that information made its way into my log.

    Manfred Meier

    fixed, merry christmas

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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