The World Wide Flora and Fauna program in Canada (VEFF) is pleased to make the following announcements relating to:

  • The addition of the Ontario Provincial Parks
  • The adoption of Sable Island (CYFF-0001) and St Paul Island (CYFF-0002)
  • The treatment of the Canadian Provinces for the DXCC-A Award

Ontario Provincial Parks

The VEFF Program is pleased to announce a major expansion, with the inclusion of 315 provincial parks within the province of Ontario (VE3).

These are numbered VEFF-130 to VEFF-444 inclusive.

Sable Island and St Paul Island

The two regions have previously been allocated references CYFF-0001 and CYFF-0002 respectively.

They have now been adopted by the VEFF program, and reassigned as follows:

  • VEFF-0120 = Sable Island
  • VEFF-0122 = St Paul Island

Neither reference has been submitted to Logsearch, but should a retrospective log be submitted, the new reference will be used.

The “missing” reference VEFF-0121 has been assigned to Nááts’ihch’oh National Park Reserve.

Canadian Provinces

After discussions within the WWFF team, it has been agreed to treat the Canadian Provinces in a similar manner to the Australian States, for the purposes of WWFF:

  • For the DXCC Activator award (DXCC-A) each province shall be treated as a separate counter
  • For the DXCC Hunter award (DXCC-H) Canada as a whole shall be treated as a single counter; the two separate territories (CY0 and CY9) are separate DXCCs so are separate counters.