Hi WWFF’ers

This is Bill Horner, VK4FW. Over the years I have operated from within parks especially IOTA and DXCC. I have started the massive task of converting paper logs to PC which is a huge job when you consider there are almost 300k of qsos. It will take years to complete so if you worked me from any I would request you send me valid qso details and I will just upload only those received.

vk9mm_fCallsigns include : VK9LD 1992, VK9MM 1993, VK9XO 1993, VK9WM and VK9WY 1997, VK9LA 2004 and VK9CT 1996. I will work on IOTA next when I dig up all logs and dates.

Mail list of your QSO’s to : spiritdreaming11@bigpond.com

73 44 Bill VK4FW