We, the ” Lupi della Majella Team” , IW6NZY Silvino, IZ6YLM Fiorello, I2JJR/HB9TZA Augusto, went yesterday to the IFF-0982 , “Parco Territoriale Attrezzato dell’ Annunziata” a new reference, near the Franciscan Monastery DAI-AZ0101 .

We were there with two stations, to be active on 40m as IW6NZY/P and 20m as IZ6YLM/P .
We used as usual two verticals with radials on the ground and Dunestar Bandfilters, at 80 – 100W RF.
Sorrily we do not have a Team Call, like we of the HBFF have with HB9WFF , and so here in I6 we operate with two calls.
I did also operate with these callsigns, mostly on 20m by IZ6YLM, and help by these two stations.

Despite the Contest and the high pile-up on the bands, we succeed quite well on 40m band to achieve a good score; on 20m band we had a bit more difficulties, having QRO stations near our frequency; I was working with attenuation on, nevertheless splatters were wide as usual in the contests.
We had in total about 250 QSOs in about 3 hours; not bad for a contest day .

A nice surprise on the station locations: there were a monument to St. Francis speaking to the wolves, ( San Francesco che parla ai lupi) so we , the Majella Wolves Team, were very motivated to speak to the Contesters , HI .

We are grateful to I5FLN Luciano, who for years now helps us with assistance and spots, and to all other spotters and to all OMs that in spite of the high traffic insisted to contact us; some QSO has been very difficult and done thanks to help by other ops .

Here some photo, also of the Majella Wolves trio at the St Francis monument.

73 es 44 , until the next activations.
Augusto, I2JJR / HB9TZA ,
Majella Wolves Team