After a few rainy days its was time to go out for another activation. I decided to go to Demerbroeken, a large protected area in JO21LA. The last part of the trip I had to go by bycicle. I can put all the gear on the bicycle and drive a few miles.
After putting up the inverted-V (20-40-80m) I took some pictures from the area and from my GPS coördinates.
Starting on 80m I received very good inter-ON sigs. After a coffeabreak it was very busy on 40m as usual.
A visitor asked me what it was all about, so we were talking more then an hour about hamradio and other stuff. I always have some flyers with me for people who are really interested.
20m band was like calling in the dessert but a few nice contacts were made. Finally ended the activation with about 200 qso ( 6 P2P qso).
This was my 100th activation, having 24000 qso in my portable log ( 81 dxcc/ 61 confirmed, 464 P2P / 331 confirmed)
and I still enjoy the portable work. Going out, meeting people and visiting all those beautiful protected nature areas.
I always send EQSL, also LOTW and log is on QRZ.COM. Bureau cards are also going out but 4 times a year max.
So …up to the next activations. Enjoy WWFF!

73 44 ON5SWA/P Swa (Frans / François)