2017 is the year of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the first state reserve. 2017 is declared in Russia as the Ecology Year. The main tasks of the Ecology Year are solutions for the problems to ensure environmental safety and to preserve the unique nature of Russia. Among the many important events and projects it is planned to open 11 new and expand 2 existing protected areas (specially protected natural areas — nature reserves, national parks, etc).

The Outdoor QRP Radio Group arranged a special callsign R2017F (Russia-2017-Field), and will use it for for amateur radio activity from various specially protected natural areas. Some of those areas have RFF-references (“Russian Flora & Fauna” in the RFF and WWFF ham radio award programs).

R2017F will be active from May 1 to July 31, 2017 only from the territory of various specially protected natural areas (RFF-#### according to the RFF and WWFF award programs) using only QRP-power on different bands and different modes in accordance with the Rules of the “Field Flowers” outdoor QRP Marathon.

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