The latest update (v0.0.7) has just been released…

The headline is the addition of a number of new awards and award steps – but also includes some preparation for future enhancements, notably band/mode endorsements for awards.

Underneath the covers, this update also addresses some incompatabilities with the new version of PHP.

Issues Addressed

This addresses the following GitLab issues:

  • Issue #00007 – Add “Internal Use Only” indicator for SpecialFlags in Directory
  • Issue #00008 – Add new levels CUFF-A-15 and CUFF-H-15
  • Issue #00010 – Add new level FFF-H-200
  • Issue #00012 – Add new levels 4OFF-A-Silver(6) and 4OFF-H-Silver(10)
  • Issue #00015 – Updated legacy CSS in email template
  • Issue #00019 – Provide for band/mode endorsements
  • Issue #00020 – Add new levels LZFF-A-10 and LZFF-H-20
  • Issue #00021 – Amend YOFF award to include YOFF-0028
  • Issue #00023 – Revised rules for SVFF awards
  • Issue #00024 – Add new levels LAFF-A-40 and LAFF-H-40
  • Issue #00025 – Address PHP7 incompatabilities

Open Issues can be found in the GitLab Issue Tracker.

Future Plans

All being well, the next update will (at long last) address the lack of Club Station reports in “Top Operators”… I think I have the answer, but some work is still needed.

In the near future, all CTFF references in The Azores will be migrated to a new CUFF series.  This has been promised for a while (including in the last updates), but time has been in short supply!

All existing activations and their QSOs will be migrated too; as will P2Ps.

Personal Note

Development of Logsearch has to fit around family and work commitments! Unfortunately, my job means I’m on the road a lot!

I am also on vacation 2019-07-20 until 2019-08-06.


Any problems, or new feature requests, via the Help Desk Forum please.